Saturday, September 13, 2008

Latest reviews

I read Mortal Love because it was suggested by the Endicott Reading group on Goodreads. Now I love me some mythic fiction usually, but this fell just a little flat for me. Its got some wonderful descriptions of art that have me daydreaming the paintings described so well. However, I never felt all that invested in any of the characters.

Wife of the Chef was Bad - with a capital "B" mind you. I've rarely read a book that was so in need of a good editor. They just let this woman ramble on with little organization or point. It wa slike being trapped in a room with someone completely self-absorbed who couldn't staop talking about herself. Really really awful. Her job seems really interesting, but she couldn't stop bitching about how no one appreciates all she does long enough to actually tell us much about it.

I really liked Gone Baby Gone. There is some phenominal acting in this one and its nothing like the usual cop story that I was expecting. There's a bit of a moral dilemma in this that I must admit didn't seem quite so hard to grapple with for me. Can't say much more than that really.


caroline said...

i lovvvved amy ryan in 'gone baby gone.' ok, maybe not so much her character, but what phenomenal acting.

caroline said...
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