Friday, August 29, 2008

whirlwinds and cyclones and hurricanes

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I have a weakness for stories of Appalachia. Fred Chappell's book Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You has me in a dreamy and dazed state. Its all about family tales passed down and strong women. I can't recommend this book enough. It's beautiful.

Take this quote from the final story:

"The light was grainy, dusty; it looked like the Milky Way had spread from the top of the sky all down the west, and the tented shapes of the mountains were huge and satin black against it, and the ridgeline trees made a filigree of onyx. The wind had increased but not cooled; the promise of full summer was in it. And when Dr. Barcroft turned from the west to look again at the house, he was hardly surprised to see that it had begun to turn like a wheel upon a vertical axle as the silhouettes of the dancers raced past window after window. It was as if their dancing, the female slide and shuffle, the masculine drum and thunder, propelled the house behind them; it had become a merry-go-round, turning steadily and stately as the music went just a little bit faster, just a little more, and he could tell there were furies in it, whirlwinds and cyclones and hurricanes that Quigley's fiddle barely held in check, that his calling could barely control. "

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