Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reviews upon reviews

Pardon my summer lazing, but things have pile dup a bit round here. Here's what's been red or watched:

I lurve the Dexter books. Dexter in the Dark is the third in the series and very good. Maybe I liked book two a smidge better though.

Dingo was fun and I love the addition of Australian "cousins" to the de Lint world. Sometimes his music and tv references seem a wee bit like trying too hard with the younger crowd though. But I can forgive de Lint anything.

A Countess Below Stairs was so much fun! I love YA books that avoid cliches and stereotypes.

My first Dorothy Sayers novel - Whose Body? was fun. Not gripping, but I think I'll stick with the series and see why all the rave reviews.

We watched 3:10 to Yuma, and I liked it. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe aren't always my favorite actors, but they are both pretty incredible in this one. And no stupid pointless romances thrown in just because. (I've been on a bit of a rant lately. I like romances, but I like them to be thought out and not just a side story thrown in cause a lot of filmmakers stupidly believe that every movie needs it.)
Went and saw Dark Knight with the hubby. I seriously think had I not taken him to this one, there would have been some marital strife. I liked it but....
1. It was too darn long.
2. Why are there no super tough women in the last two films?
3. I'm sick of the movie making dough and hype out of Heath Ledger's tragedy.

However, I do have to say Ledger did a terrific job and the motorcycle was awesomely badass.

Stop Loss is such a stinker of a movie. Not even cute boys can save it, it smelt bad.

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