Friday, April 25, 2008

What I've Been Up To

  • Stressing over the whole home buying process and wishing I could go on vacation until its all over with.
  • Posting lots of pretties over at So Sweet & So Cold.
  • Racing home to get pictures taken of vintage finds for the Miriam and Eleanor shop before the sunshine stops coming in my window. (Rather unsuccessfully - however the new home will have lots more light and space for this sort of thing.)
  • Wandering through one of the prettiest places near me and smelling the flowers and even seeing a barred owl. That was pretty amazing.
  • Pondering what to spend my etsy earnings on. Lately I'm leaning towards a camera of my very own.
  • Planning a naked lady party for tomorrow.
  • Already compiling ideas for a mid-summer evening of unpredictability inspired by The Mad Ones.
  • Sending packages to loved ones all over the place - partly cause I adore them and partly cause I need to get the stuff I've collected for them out of the house before moving day.
  • Signing up for the daring bakers - cause life isn't busy enough already apparently.
  • Wandering myspace and downloading pictures of friends and family cause my photo albums are frightfully out of date.
  • Visiting all the home supply stores and actually being interested in formally boring things like fridges and pipes and countertops.
  • Feeling strangely restless and moody and ready to burst outta my skin.
  • Pondering a new fitness routine (or any routine at all at this point really). New routine shall involve more walks at Antrim and yardwork and biking).
  • Trying to balance the thoughtfullness of everyone's home advice with being aggravated at their thoughtlessness and pushyness. (Seriously, all the ominous tales of how everything could go wrong are not appreciated as well as the looking askance at me when I mention what changes we want to make. I appreciate advice, but we're the one's paying for it, thank you very much.

Yep, that's life right now.

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