Monday, April 7, 2008

More book and movie reviews

Dirty Wow Wow is a pretty adorable idea. Pictures and descriptions of childhood items loved into oblivion. I particularly loved the feather pillow named Leadball and the various blankets that appear to just be piles of rags anymore. Cute!

In my secret imaginery life, I'm a librarian (or a milliner or gardener or shopkeeper depending on my mood). So I pounced upon Free for All. Its a pretty enlightening look at the life of a librarian - dealing with insane numbers of after school kids or social misfits or con artists getting out of overdue finds. A pretty quick read. I'd love to find more books like this.

The Forgetting Room is another pretty and artsy Nick Bantock book. A good one with a particularly interesting explanation of the creative process.

I liked The Thirteenth Tale. The premise is so unique. A biographer is asked to come and record the life's tale of a famous writer - a writer who has made up a new story every time anyone has asked her about her past. So good and hard to put down.

We watched Death at a Funeral last night. Zany fun and goofyness.

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Ani said...

ooo! good recommendations! i'll have to queue those up...especially Free for All (i'm hoping to be a librarian in my (distant) future) and The Thirteenth Tale.