Friday, April 18, 2008

Lots of nonfiction happening here

House Lust was a breezey and light look at America's obsession with homes. Covering everything from HGTV to McMansions to time shares, it was a quick read and very interesting as a (hopefully) soon-to-be-homeowner.

The Worst Hard Time was a more difficult read but very fascinating. All about the Dust Bowl of the 30's and how people survived. I learned way more about tumbleweed than I thought possible. You can learn more about it here. Its really remarkable and scary learning how government agencies misled and lied to people to get them to move to the Great Plains. It very much made me think of the government's refusal to beieve in global warming because admitting to such a thing would not help their interests.

I also watched a lone documentary this wee. The Devil's Miner is about two little boys who work long hours in a mine in Bolivia. The work is hard and long and dangerous, but the boys have to work in order to be able to afford to go to school. Watching this made me vow to complain a lot less about the petty annoyances of my job. It was very sweet to see how these boys were so serious about their school and their work, but they'd still find time to just be kids and play soccer or

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Hi Claire. I'm the author of HOUSE LUST. Just a quick note to say thanks for reading my book and blogging so kindly about it. If I can ever be of help I'm at All the best! Dan McGinn