Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Magicians and Tourist Shops

Time for more reviews! My recent Netflix subscribtion is catching me up on all sorts of shows I had missed.

I very recently saw The Illusionist with the very nice to look at Edward Norton. He was good. Paul Giamatti was good. Jessica Biel was Jessica Biel - boooring but pretty. It was a decent movie. Pretty-ish to look at but I found it a bit predictable.

We also watched the super frightening Jesus Camp. It made me thankful that my parents raised us to think for ourselves. Brain washing was not an option. Even if it meant yanking my first grade butt outta class for story time when it was discovered that my less-than-bright teacher was reading Bible stories in our public school. Public school!

I listened to Never Let Me Go on tape and really liked it. It had such a matter the fact tone and creepy feel. Very very good.

I also caught the first and only season of Wonderfalls. I liked the quirky idea behind it, but I can see why it didn't get renewed. I didn't really have any empathy for any of the characters. They all felt so flat. It reminded me a bit of Dead Like Me (which I love) but with characters I didn't every give a damn about.

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