Friday, August 31, 2007

Its not the thing you fling, but the fling itself

I've been completely absolutely addicted to Northern Exposure dvds. The show was so funny and sweet and heartfelt and intelligent and interesting (I could go on and on).

Another favorite quote:

Joel: Try reality, Ed!
Ed: No, thanks.

We're up to season 3 so far.

I also recently finished a book on tape - Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. What a creative thinker that man is! I went back and forth from all out laughing to feeling like my heart was being stepped on. Such a great story!

Anyone read the book and seen the movie? Does the movie at all live up to the wonderfullness of the book?

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Kate said...

Ed Chigliak will always have a special place in my heart!!!