Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bunches and Bunches

Life has been busy between work and being a twittery social butterfly, but I have managed to pack in some movies and books as usual.

i've hooked my boy onto Northern Exposure thanks to the magic of Netflix. We're almost to the end of season 2 and he wants to watch all six seasons before I move any other tv series to the top of the queue. Luckily, I adore Northern Exposure too.

At his request, we went and saw The Simpsons Movie at the theatre. IT was funny, but it did seem strange to be watching it in a theatre with lots of other folks instead of at home on my couch.

We borrowed The Aviator from the library. It was good but looooong. Dicaprio is very good and Cate Blanchette was eerily amazing at channeling the great Katherine Hepburne.

I was all for seeing the newest Bourne movie at the theatre. So good! So very very good!
We borrowed Curse of the Golden Flower from the library cause I usually adore pretty Chinese films. Not this one. Not at all. Too much color (which is not something I ever complain about) and the story sucked. Bleh!
I listened to Empire Falls by Richard Russo on tape and I loved it. I will be reading (or listening to) more of his work. He writes so convincingly about small town life.
Princess Academy was cute and not your usual young adult fare. I liked its unpredictableness.

Awww....Little, Big! It started out with such promise. Such gorgeous phrases and amazing stories interwoven in the great big Tale! But the last half of the book fell a little flat for me.

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