Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No attention span

All my readings and watchings have been short things. Good thing I have a nice long Georgette Heyer book to dive into next.

Interpreter of Maladies was good. So good! Why have I let this sit forlornly on my bookcase for so long? I particularly loved the story about the couple's house filled with Christian figurines.

I grew up addicted to the Weetzie Bat series. Seriously warped and addicted. And given my fascination with fairy tales, I had to pick this book up. All these retellings of fairy tales are pretty dark and lyrical. I love how she uses language. My favorites of the bunch were "Glass" (a Cinderella story) and "Ice" which I couldn't really place. Maybe Tam Lin?

I really looked forward to Paris Je T'aime. And, except for a few of the shorts, I really did not enjoy it. The Cohen brothers one was witty, but nothing amazing. The mimes and the hairdresser pieces were awful - really really godawful. The ones that stayed with me were few - the one about the woman with the red trench coat, the one about the blind boy, and, my favorite of all, the one about the letter carrier from Denver - that one was so seriously perfect and touching.

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