Thursday, October 2, 2008

Newly resolute

Promised windiness straight ahead! Okay, I mentioned that I've been doing some self considerations lately. I've just been thinking about parts of my life that need some work. I am a very happy girl in general, but I find myself kicking myself for not working harder at things I really want for myself. Hence some fresh new resolutions. Great big generic ones that I shall stay on track with by keeping track of the little steps. And you all know how much I love lists, right? Here goes!

Areas I want to work on:

1. Health
2. Creativity
3. Knowledge
4. Culture
5. Thoughtfulness
6. Looks

And here's the plan.

1. Health - I need to get my butt in gear. I've just not had the energy I'd like to and that's entirely my fault for slacking on the exercise and not paying attention to my diet. So a couple of days ago I started a Sparkpeople page and I'm using it to track fitness and diet. I'm excited about this.

2. Creativity - I'm going to make a list of things I want to do and learn, and then make myself do them. I like this stuff. I just need to make it a priority. More on this soon.

3. Knowledge - I'm a smart cookie. However, there's always those subjects that make me feel like a dunce. I'm making yet another list - this one on subjects I want to know more about. Then I'm going to educate myself some more.

4. Culture - I'm upping my attendance at interesting cultural events. I'm also going to figure out the books and films that I think are important for filling in some of my gaps.

5. Thoughtfulness - Right now I'm going for more emails and letters and comments to people that I care about. I'm the queen of gathering my friends together for parties and events. However, I absolutely despise the phone. Since I really don't want to become a huge phone gabber, I'm going to up my other forms of thoughtful communication.

6. Looks - Its about damn time I learned some new hairstyles and makeup techniques. If I want to improve my everyday appearance, I need to learn and practice this stuff. I'm determined to do one good thing for myself once a week.

That's the whole shebang. Expect some updates. Man do I love setting lofty goals for myself. Even if I don't accomplish everything I dream of, by setting some goals I am sure to accomplish something.


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