Thursday, July 24, 2008

We're all who we are endlessly.

So my blog is way skewed towards the bookishness lately. The blog is titled Crafty Aspirations and not Bookish Aspirations though so I was trying to come up with more reasons to be crafty.

This newest one just may stick. I thought that it would be interesting to do something artsy after I finished a book now and then - artsiness based on the book. Here's my first stab at it:

That Summer in Sicily was a little bit of a let down. I adore Marlena de Blasi's books. They are so sensual - and no not in a love story kind of way - more wonderful descriptions of Italy and how everything tastes and smells and feels. Well this book is her retelling of a tale she hears in Sicily. So there's a little of Marlena and her Venetian, but more of it is Tosca's tale. And it isn't a bad story - full of romance and intrigue and Sicily. So after my initial let down I did enjoy it. And I wanted to kick off my crafty book project by playing with my pastels. Here's the result:

My drawing skills could obviously use some practice. I'm working on it! Here's the quote from the book:
"She's a woman. Like a chameleon does, a woman quietly blends into all the parts of her life. Sometimes you can hardly tell she's there, she's so quiet going on about her business. Feed the baby. Muck the stables. Make soup from stones. Make a sheet into a dress. She doesn't count on destiny for anything. She knows its her own hands, her own arms, her own thighs and breasts that have to do the work. Destiny is bigger in men's lives. Destiny is a welcome guest in a man's house. She barely knocks and he's there to open the door. "Yes, yes. You do it," he says to destiny and lumbers back to his chair."
Very prettily said and something that I think rings true (to me at least).
The title of this post is also from the book - We're all who we are endlessly. Nice.
So I'm gonna try to up the craft content of this wee blog (but that won't cut back on the reading).

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